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I had brunch yesterday with a friend, someone I've known for a while...since my pre-kid days. He's a currently single, childfree, gay male friend, a few years older than I am. He travels occasionally to Orlando on business, and when he does, we try and get together. When he first mentioned coming to Orlando this time he did mention he would enjoy seeing the kids (he hasn't seen them in about two years)-he's not a huge fan of kids, but he likes mine, and they talk about Lego a lot (he uses Lego in his work,) and they have fun. It didn't work out to get together when the kids were free, but he and I were able to get together, have brunch, and chat. I had a lovely time, but it was such a deep reminder of the difference between my life before and after kids-sitting and laughing about artistically designed bathhouses where amusement park designers have been a part of the experience, and things like that. It was lighthearted and joyful and exciting, and I felt good after leaving, but I also felt a deep reminder of where I am now. I miss what I had then, but I also suppose it's probably like many things and will never taste as good as I remember it.

And as I was thinking about that part of my life, I also had the chance tonight to use what I began learning in that phase of my life (and have continued to learn because it helps me help my own children,) to help a friend help her child...a friend who I'd probably not know at all were it not for kids, considering that I met her through a Mom's group. To have her say "I knew you would be my resource on this" and to talk about my passion for teaching this reminds me that I am good at some things, even when I forget, and reminds me of the value of the experiences I had then in living my life now, and how I can draw together what I know from then with what I have learned in the interim.

I've had a few feeling-really-good-and-valued moments in the last few days. Unfortunately, they're hard to hold on to.
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