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So as not to spam you too much...

We've created a new, co-written fertility related blog, which may include some of the stuff I write here, but will include perspective from both Cayne and I, and may include other things that I don't put in here. The blog is over at, but I've created a feed for it here on LJ. I'll put a link in the sidebar to it as well.

The LJ feed URL-
The Blogger address-

[ profile] melebeth-would you mind if I used the picture over there as well?
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There's a reason I keep coming back to the Blowfish people when I need adult toys. Because when I called to order more Pre-Seed, the woman I spoke to me remembered me from last time, wished me luck, and, because their power is out, took the time to go and physically check to make sure the product I wanted was in stock, and how many they had.

It's things like that that make me come back to them.
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I thought perhaps that someone on my f'list might get a giggle out of the fact that I spent $40 on (note:the link goes to the Blowfish catalog, which may not be appropriate for everyone's workplace) lube yesterday. And $30 of that was overnight shipping from California.

Each time I order, I'm reminded of why I like Blowfish so much. I went hunting for the lube on Amazon, saw they had it in stock and they claimed if I ordered within the next 5 hours and 16 minutes, I could have it on May 31, threw it into my cart and proceeded to check out, where I suddenly discovered that they claimed it would ship on May 31. In the current situation, that's not good. A phone call to customer service where I discovered that they could not, in fact, have it to me by Thursday, and I checked other sources I knew of for the lube. A phone call to Blowfish, a very helpful person on the phone who told me that she could make sure it shipped that day, and I would have it on Thursday, and oh, did I know that one of the Blowfishies got pregnant while testing out the Pre-Seed? And, the person on the phone mentioned that while they advertised the three pack, she thinks the supplier send six packs, and so for now, people are ordering the three packs and getting the six packs for the three pack price. Can't do better than that.
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(Comments screened, and I won't unscreen unless you say okay)

For those of you who took Clomid who were ovulating pretty consistently on your own, did you find your luteal phase changed at all? I forgot to ask when Dr P prescribed it, and the nurse I deal with when I call is generally not exactly on top of things, so I wouldn't trust an answer from her...and Dr P is usually in surgery on Monday's anyway.

I know Clomid is sometimes prescribed for luteal phase defects, and while I have a short phase, it doesn't fall into the category of "defect" quite yet.
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I've been in a funk for a couple of weeks. I'm used to this happening in the winter, and letting it pass, but very much not used to it happening in early summer. I'd blame it on my impending birthday but it's been going on too long for me to blame that, and my birthday is only minimally bothersome this year.

Someone wished me a Happy Mother's Day recently, when I was in the grocery store, and it crushed me. I could blame that for my funk, but I think it started before then.

But there's all sorts of other things happening here )

Still for this evening, more homework, supper, bathroom cleaning, dishwasher emptying and I think that's all.
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"Apparently, as a healthy, successful woman in her 30's, I don't deserve to have a baby. Maybe I'd have a fighting chance if I were gay, or a teenager, or a member of the AARP."

Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery on Grey's Anatomy
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We had a really pleasant weekend. Saturday we spent the day with friends, and it culminated in a spontaneous barbecue, and great conversation about faith, feminism, religion, Florida, atheism, art and comics. Sunday we got stuff done at home.

Monday, [ profile] zedrikcayne woke up with a nasty cough. In fact, I put my hand on his chest as we were waking up, and stuck my fingers in green mucous, which he apparently coughed up in his sleep. So, I told him to make a doctor's appointment for that afternoon, after the urologist appointment. The poor guy has walking pneumonia. He'll be okay, but he's feeling icky right now...I suppose a few days until he feels better.

Yeah, the urologist. That. The news was less than stellar. Not tragic, but not as good as we'd hoped-there are still issues. Dr W., upon hearing our story of being walked in on in the middle of giving the sample, gave us the horrified home alone face-you know the one with the jaw dropping and hands to cheeks in horror. He commented that it was in fact the "worst semen sample story ever." But yeah. The news could have been better. It could have been a lot worse. It is what it is, Dr W seems to think we can work with it, and I'll talk to Dr. P and see what he says when I see him on April 12. I'm not sure I want to talk more about it right now. I'm angry, sad, upset, frustrated, and more.

Instead, I'll talk about my Passover menu. I'll probably make another, separate post about Passover itself, and doing it on my own this year, but my menu...that's much cheerier than anything else. And that is in fact, what I need at the moment. Cheering.

tentative non-vegeterian Pesach menu )
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Cayne moved back into the bedroom. It's interesting to sleep in the same bed again after so many months (really years, probably) of sleeping apart. It's nice, too, mostly. I'm a little warmer, with someone next to me, but it's nice too, for spontaneous kissing and stuff, which wasn't really possible when we were in separate beds. He still makes little gurgly snoring noises sometimes, while he's sleeping with the CPAP, and that's not always easy to sleep through. And it's really annoying when the he/the CPAP exhales really cold air onto my arm at night. But I'll live with that if it means I get to cuddle with him sometimes.

I feel like things are a blur of immigration and doctor's appointments lately. I spent a few days trying to get together the information to go to the Clerk of Courts in Clinton County to get the disposition of arrest certificate. Monday is a follow up with the urologist again. I need to reschedule my doctor's appointment for 4/10-they called me today to tell me Dr P won't be in the office that day.

We were at the art show on Sunday. Bought two photos, put a deposit on a third, and there's a fourth one I need to buy as soon as we have the money for it in the budget. I nearly had a heart attack today though, when I looked at the checking account, and discovered that there was a $300 hold on the check card from XM Radio. Cayne's XM subscription was about to expire, and I told him to switch the billing to quarterly for a while, because I didn't want to drop that amount of money all at once, even though in the long run we'll pay a little more. I'm just glad that December/January/February are over. Between my accounting error that made things tight, plus major expenses (car repair, registering both cars, and an immigration physical) things were far more squishy than I like. Plus, we paid off a bill in March (they claimed they had to replace the carpet in our old apartment, so I made an arrangement to pay their charge in installments) which puts a little money back into our budget.

I can't believe we're getting ready for this weekend already. Lots of plans, too-stuff to do at home, plus a "buy this stuff" party on Saturday morning and a munch on Saturday afternoon. This is our last weekend before Crunch too, which means I want to cram in as much Cayne time as possible, so I did a bunch of usual-weekend-chores yesterday, and I'll do some more tomorrow, I think. I also may go pick up two pairs of knitting needles in sizes I don't own, and some more row and stitch counters, and go to Pier 1 to pick up some other stuff.

Can't figure out what to do for Cayne's birthday. Some of his birthday gift arrived today, from Canada. Sadly, it was damaged in transit, so he'll get it when he gets home tonight.

I've had odd pain lately. Not odd so much that I haven't experienced it before, but odd in that "it's normal but I haven't had it in a while. My right shoulder, both wrists, and my left shoulder. Not sure that there's anything much to do about it, it is what it is. Probably worth a chiropractor visit soon if I can find one.

and since I chronicle health stuff here anyway )
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[Poll #945178]

and frustration regarding fertility treatment )

The cat knocked over the lamp last night. I don't know how he did it, and nothing broke, though somehow the shade came off. (I don't know where the finnial is.) What's even more baffling, is that Cayne slept through it. The lamp was on his side of the bed. I woke up when I heard the crash though.

Can't kick this headache. Yesterday it felt like a sinus headache, today it feels more like a migraine, but without some of the other migraine stuff (light sensitivity, for example.) A bit bummed cause a friend had to cancel his work-trip to Orlando, so I won't get to see him for dinner this week.

Cayne is (and by extention, so am I) stressing a bit over the timeline of immigration stuff. We know we can claim back time that was spent in Canada-I have reciepts from the last two trips we took, which gives us about four weeks of time, but it's much harder, I suppose, to document the time that we spent when we drove up there. Though since we tend to use credit cards when we're there, rather than cash, perhaps that's sufficient documentation. We spent about ten days at the end of 2004, and about a week in August 2004. I'm sure there was other time that Cayne was there that he could claim back.

Must go find copies of labwork before endocrinologist appointment on Wednesday. Please hope she looks at my symptoms and numbers and says "let's try something" and not "sorry we can't help you." I would really like to try and treat the seemingly-sluggish thyroid, finally. I've only been asking for years.
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I got a bill for our portion of the semen analysis today.

The bill was for $69.
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The more I read about Clomid, the more confused I get.
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We went to deal with giving the third semen sample today. And, when we were locked in the bathroom, (or so we thought) )
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Giving semen samples at the same time as ovlation is not conducive to getting pregnant.

*sigh* At least the drugs are good for cramps. And at least the third time is not going to conflict with ovulation.

Read it?

Feb. 19th, 2007 05:47 pm
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This morning, we went for Cayne's second semen analysis. I know some people have asked about it, and Cayne has consented to my writing about it. It was, admittedly, both humiliating and amusing all at once. So, since a great deal of stuff in my life seems to end up on LJ, and since some people have been asking about it, I offer a poll.

[Poll #930861]
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The background: PCOS is a fertility issue in many ways, and so, in order to determine the best course of treatment, and how much intervention, we're going through a lot of the usual fertility screening stuff. This is a bit awkward and invasive, but it's what we need to do. This meant that [ profile] zedrikcayne had to go for a semen analysis, and upon recieving the results, had a visit with the urologist who ordered a second semen analysis and some other tests. The urologist (who told us that he and his wife have gone through their own fertility issues) explained that many times, men who go for semen analysis are so uncomfortable with the whole situation, and find it sterile and distressing, and so the first sample is not always an accurate measure of things. And he also suggested that [ profile] zedrikcayne "bring some pornograhpy" because that often helps encourage a proper count.

So, last night, I tried to figure out how to find an adult store, without getting a screen full of porn, since that's not what I was looking for, and toay we paid a visit to our local porn store.

not particularly explicit, but sexually oriented discussion follows this cut tag. )

A question: Can anyone explain to me, why is it, that porn that includes women having sex with women,as well has men having sex with women, doesn't get classified as bisexual, but as soon as it involves action between two men, it automatically becomes "bisexual"? It doesn't make sense. I understand the idea of marketing, and that the largest consumers of porn are men who don't want to see men having sex with men, but it just seems silly.

I've got a post brewing about sex, and marriage, and polyamory and kinky stuff. It's not likely to be explicit content, but just chatter and processing and that sort of thing. I've got some filters that this post may appropriately overlap to, but if you think you might like to read it, let me know. I could certainly use the feedback and space to discuss it, but it's not something that I think belongs as public.


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