Apr. 19th, 2005

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Since Cayne is a Canadian citizen, in the US on a visa, he needs to carry his passport with him. His passport expires in a couple of weeks, his visa is good until next year. This means, he needs to "renew" his passport. (Passport Canada doesn't actually renew passports...they re-issue them every five years.)

He was in Ottawa last weekend, and tried to renew his passport, but they wanted to keep his passport. Well, he can't come back into the US without his passport. He can't work without his passport. USCIS has actually shown up at his work place and asked for his papers.

So this morning, one of my tasks has been to spend much time on the phone with the Canadian consulate in New York City, trying to manuver through their menus and talk to a real person. I finally declared him a Canadian in Distress, and used that number, to at least get to a live person.

They'll call us back and tell us what we need to do.
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I happened to have the TV on this morning, while I caught up on LJ and stuff. NBC broke into the programming to show the smoke at the Sistene Chapel. There was much confusion-the smoke appeared white, as it had in previous votes, with Vatican Radio declaring it black then indeterminate, then finally white. AP and Reuters were both cautious with their reports, while Mexican, Austrian and German reporters were declaring it white. I provided a play by play for Cayne, until the smoke was declared white, and the bells rang at about five minutes past noon. I've watched excited nuns move quickly through Saint Peter's Square. I've watched the children dance around, cheering in Latin. People are streaming into the Square, breaking down police barricades. They're on rooftops, and everywhere.

And one of NBC's comentators chose to use the phrase "Who is it? Who's the Daddy?"

I've followd this rather closely, for a non-Catholic. My own fascination with it intrigues me. It's anthropology, it's a love of ritual, of pomp. The curtains that adorn the Papal Loggia are shifting, and they appear to be human, not wind motions. I should have been an antropologist.

Qui sibi nominem imposit?

ETA: Cardinal Ratzinger, from Germany...who chose as his name Pope Benedict XVI. Ultraconservative, and if I remember correctly, not well liked by many Americans.

ETA2: I'm amazed at the speed at which the negative commentary has appeared on my Flist...I'm curious as to the comments the more observant, involved Catholics will make later on. John Paul II did so much work to heal the rifts between Jews and Catholics, and I liked that, even though I disagreed with a lot of other stuff. And Ratzinger was a member of the Hitler Youth...which, despite the fact that there are probably many people who did it because it was culturally the expected thing to do, it still makes me feel icky. And the fear that Ratzinger/Benedict XVI will demolish many of the gains that women have made is strong. He deserves to be judged in his own right...he chose the name Benedict because it was important to him, and Benedict XV was very focused on humanitarian causes.


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