Sep. 20th, 2015

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I loved doing HIV and sexuality related work with teens and young adults. Loved it. So much so that I was applying to PhD programs in order to refine my skills and be able to research about effectiveness and develop new programs and stuff like that. And then Life Happened-we decided to get married, which didn't affect my desire to go get a PhD, just changed my search area for programs, but then the whole moving to Florida part happened and that dream kind of had to be put aside because there aren't programs nearby and distance learning just doesn't seem compatible with what I was doing and frankly, we're stuck where Andrew has work (his earning power will always be greater than mine so we're not going to go chasing my jobs,) then kids happened. Jobs doing that kind of work even without a PhD don't really exist around here either. I really thought that was something I was kind of done with, not out of any specific desire of my own, just because circumstances dictated it.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I got a message from a friend asking if I'd be interested in teaching the OWL program to homeschoolers. My immediate reaction was "I'd love to, I'm not trained as a facilitator though." She suggested I look into getting trained-she'd do it herself but she's still got a nursing baby and can't get away long enough to do the training (he's old enough that he'd be a disruption and a distraction but not old enough to leave home for three days yet.) There are many training opportunities though and it's not like we'd have to start next week. Andrew and I are trying to check the schedule and figure out if we can make it work financially and time wise. It's an opportunity I'd love to take advantage of, especially since it's a program we can use in other environments-the humanist group that a friend and I are working to create might be interested for example.

Almost like things are coming full circle I guess. Funny that way.


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