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I've been in a funk for a couple of weeks. I'm used to this happening in the winter, and letting it pass, but very much not used to it happening in early summer. I'd blame it on my impending birthday but it's been going on too long for me to blame that, and my birthday is only minimally bothersome this year.

Someone wished me a Happy Mother's Day recently, when I was in the grocery store, and it crushed me. I could blame that for my funk, but I think it started before then.

I filled my Clomid prescription over the weekend. I don't have much more to say publically about that. I'm not happy about it. I'm not pleased, and I'm not excited and I have oh-so-very-little-faith in it actually having any benefit. And that sounds self-sabotaging, but the more involved we get in fertility related stuff, the harder I find it. While some people are concerned with the medicalization of pregnancy and birth, personally, I can cope with that far better than I can cope with the medicalization of the process of getting pregnant. It's a very personal thing for me, and I understand why people are concerned with pregnancy and birth becoming a medical experience.

We're still sitting in limbo with USCIS, which has held up all travel plans for the summer. We should get news any day now about whether the Advanced Parole was approved. The advance parole would let us go to Canada for aweek or ten days this summer. We haven't seen my in-laws since December; they didn't come down this spring, for reasons unknown to me, but considering that my father in law had shingles, they bought a new car, and they took a major vacation last fall, I'm not suprised. My parents haven't come down either, but we can go see them whether or not the USCIS gets in touch with us.

The weather is clearly changing. We planted a few things over the weekend-I'm especially fond of the Hawaiian Ti Plant that replaced some ugly tropical thing that was in our front yard. We've got Lantana that came up under the fence probably from the neighbor's yard, which we actually kind of like. I'll probably get more and plant it. The ones we have right now are yellow-orange. I think I might add some purple ones. Rainy season should start any day now, too. I don't mind the rainy season so long as I don't have to drive during the rainstorms. I'm still not used to it. Plus, of course, the cats change nap locations as the seasons change. Gizmo moved from the living room couch to the guest room chair or the rug in the master bathroom. Widget, however, has taken to napping in my closet. Today, both of them are asleep on our bed. Beta doesn't change his nap spots as often as the two of them do...mostly he sleeps in the tree, on top of the wall, or in a sunny spot on the floor-the sunny spots do change with the seasons. At the moment, he's sitting behind me and purring, and looking generally grouchy.

I'm enjoying one of my classes far more than the other, but studying for online classes is quite different from classes that require actual meetings. That's not to say I won't be glad when the semester is over. :P I'll think about fall classes soon, and encourage [ profile] zedrikcayne to take some himself.

Bonus time is about to roll around, which is nice. Unexpected money is always nice. It'll pay off some credit cards, put a downpayment on a car, that sort of stuff. It's bonus time that makes me grateful that Cayne works in the private sector, and not for a university or non-profit. We've been half-heartedly researching cars for a while, but it seems that now we'll need to actually figure out what we want. I want a hybrid, but I want something larger than a Prius or the Honda options. What I really want is a wagon, but no one makes a hybrid wagon at the moment, which leaves me wondering about a VUE or an Escape hybrid. Far more research to do about cars first though, and about what we both want, and are willing to compromise on, and what we decide that we can afford for a car payment.

Still for this evening, more homework, supper, bathroom cleaning, dishwasher emptying and I think that's all.
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