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Note: Naked woman on the cover a magazine at the first link.

Beth Ditto on the cover of NME (I think it's the current issue of NME, but I haven't gotten NME regularly in a while.) It's getting a mixed response, with some people horrified that there's a naked fat woman with hairy armpits on the cover a magazine, and others talking about how empowering it is to see her there. And there's a variety of responses to what she said about gay men and celebrities being to blame for the body image/self hatred issues as well.

Also, interesting blog post on feminist messages and abstinence only education. Or rather, the anti-feminist/anti-empowered woman messages that exist in such programs.

And, in contrast, and for your amusement...abstinence only sites courtesy of 1

Sex is for Fags-an abstinence only site for boys.
Iron Hymen an abstienence only site for girls.

1. is a humor site/spoof site, not a real site.
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I just had a moment where I realized how totally over my ex I am. I saw the link about Andrea Dworkin's death, and thought "Oh, M. would be interested in that," and IM'd it to him without a second thought.

Andrea Dworkin is dead

A few words about Andrea Dworkin )


Jan. 6th, 2005 09:13 pm
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Via Daily Kos...

I know that many of my readers are residents of Virginia, or know people who reside there.
I know that many of you care about womens health, and reproductive rights.

Live in Virginia, Have a miscarriage, go to jail?

I'm no longer a resident of Virginia, but you can bet your buns that I'd be all over this if I were still there.

(I don't think I have an appropriately angry icon for this post.)
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I never caught this line before, but this was cute...

Linus: "I thought that little girls belived everything they were told."

Sally: "Welcome to the twentieth century."

Thanks [ profile] feckalyn for pointing out that it was on. And by the way, I'm going back to packing now.
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(Courtesy of [ profile] zedrikcayne)

Warning: Incredibly brutal, but really amazing domestic violence PSAs. They're hard to watch, and they may contain unpleasant triggers for some people. I had a hard time watching them...


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