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I've taken to using this as a spot for just dumping things...I save them up and then make posts that are a collection of all the various things that have been going on.

Things like the weird dreams I've been having-most of them are about places that I used to have to go, like junior high school, where I had to talk about the people I had crushes on back then, or high school where I forgot my locker combination. And then there was the airplane dream. No one needs to tell me that the airplane dream was a birth dream....I dreamed about airplanes, on the ground, rolling through tunnels and into hangars that were smaller than their wingspans. Yeah, that was a birth dream.

There was the strange experience this morning. I got up and got out of bed and heard noise. Before I went to the bathroom or brushed my teeth, I went to investigate what it was, thinking that Cayne had left the TV on or something when he was getting ready for work, only to discover Cayne sitting on the couch watching TV-about an hour later than he usually leaves for work. I asked him what he was doing, and he responded "Sitting on the couch." I asked if he was taking the day off from work and he said "No, it's Saturday." I reminded him it was Friday and he looked shocked. He scurried off, got dressed very quickly and sheepishly headed in to work.

We got the second trimester screening results back-this looked at the risk of Down's Syndrome-1/3000, Trisomy 18 (Edward's Synrome)-1/10,000 and Spina Bifida-1/1600. That of course still means that there are plenty of other thing that could go wrong, but at least that's somewhat reassuring.

We bought a chair last arrived the other day and is in a box in the living room, on it's side. It will probably stay there until we figure out what to do with the two chairs it's replacing (one spot is getting a chair, the other is getting a new filing cabinet, but I need to decide if I'm going to Freecycle or Craig's List or what with the old chairs.) But the box is right where a coffee table would go if/when we buy one for the living room. And it's become a hot spot for cats to nap in lately. I wonder if the same thing would happen with a coffee table.

The craving for salty foods is going to drive me crazy. I really wish I could cut back on them, but I can't get enough pickles. I'm going to go open another jar when I'm done with this post.

I hope the writer's strike doesn't mean that the new shoes I like on TV disappear. Not much in the way of new shows that we're watching, just Big Bang Theory and Chuck, I think. And on the subject of TV...NBC Universal has been going on and on this week about all sorts of environmental stuff. They also sent correspondents to the Equator, the Arctic Circle and Antarctica. And my first thought when I heard about this was "I wonder if they accounted for the environmental impact of moving crew and equipment there, and what they did to balance it."

We've both been reading Scott Westerfield's books-in particular the Uglies series. I finished the first one about a year ago, on one of our winter trips, picked up the second one months later and caught the third one on a remainder table at Borders recently. They're adolescent fiction, so they're quick reads, but they're pretty good. Someone at Border's suggested them to me last year. I gave Cayne the fist one when we were traveling recently and he liked it, devoured the second and third within a matter of days, and insisted on having the fourth one, which had just come out in hardcover, and between a coupon and a sale, it was reasonable. The third one felt unevenly written, but the fourth one, the writing has gone back to what we expected, but the concept is really interesting. I'm enjoying the concept of a reputation economy, though I'm wondering how different some of that is from the way adolescents currently live today.

And the links, since I collect them.

This one talks about post partum sex...someone fears that her vagina will be too loose after giving birth. And also on the subject of vaginae, [ profile] slinkr pointed me at The New York Times on the word Va-jay-jay.

This one (text follows behind the cut) is about a woman who was asked to cover up or leave Universal Studios because she was breastfeeding. (The end result, by the way, is that Universal apologized to her, because Florida law allows her to breastfeed in public.)

The Cut )

There's also Abstinence Doesn't Curb Teen Sex

Read about how abstinence fails )

Has anyone looked into Sony's Digital Book Reader? Despite his hatred of Sony, [ profile] zedrikcayne has suggested that if I want one, I should get it. I haven't really investigated it much yet, but the idea of being able to read while nursing late at night in the dark if I'm awake, for example, is kind of appealing. It's bigger than a Palm, which is also appealing, as I've always found reading on my Palm screen rather irritating. Does anyone know more about it than I do?

We're also starting to shop for cameras-it's amazing what's become lumped in with "baby expenses" even though they really have very little to do with the baby. The two things that first come to mind are more life insurance and the camera. We're looking for a point and shoot, throw into the diaper bag kind of camera. I bought Mom a Canon of some variety last year, and the camera that I'm replacing (nothing wrong with it but the LCD screen is shot, and frankly, the cost of the LCD replacement isn't worth it) is also a Canon.

In case you haven't read about it already, comment editing is in place for paid users. Can't edit a comment that's already been replied to, but it was nice when it helped me correct some bad HTML today.

Okay, that's enough. It's time for pickles.
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[ profile] alibee posted this-an article about a married couple, husband and wife who don't live together, and who, as I understand from the article, never have.

I can't imagine that working for my relationship with [ profile] zedrikcayne. It's not compatible with our relationship and how we function as a couple. I'm wondering what others think about this-would you call this "marriage" or would you call it something else? Would you be able to make the kind of committment that your perception of marriage includes and live like this, or would it not work for you?

Then there was this post in [ profile] parenting101. I've been involved in similar discussions elsewhere, too. It's about what to call a child's genitals. As we approach parenthood even more, this is something we've talked about; in my house, (mostly) proper names were used (I say "mostly" because my vulva and entire genital region were referred to as "vagina" but it's close enough, I think.) It doesn't make sense to me to not teach children proper names for body parts.

There's also this story I saw linked in [ profile] catling's journal about Pat Robertson calling for a ban on pet adoptions by same sex couples. Yes. You read it correctly. And I was glad I didn't have a beverage when I read it. This is from "The Pace Press"-the student newspaper of Pace University (which is a legitimate university.)

Anyway, here's the article for your perusal, in case the link vanishes or you have trouble getting it to )

For the sake of marital harmony, I must partly retract my complaint about chocolate from the other night. He stopped on the way home (even though he was working late) and brought me chocolate. And, as I picked through the giant bag of candy he did bring home, I discovered individually wrapped Lemonheads which are one of my favorite candies.

And last, for now...there was a post on a forum I frequent about sex for baby making, and how, when you're actively trying to conceive, sometimes it needs a bit more excitement. I wanted to share what I wrote, because, well, I'm in love. What can I say?

no graphic details about our sex life follow, but, for courtesy's sake, I cut it )

I've got another post brewing that comes from a conversation with my sister in law, but I need to more completely finish it before I post it.

A warning

Oct. 31st, 2007 02:39 pm
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Pre-emptively, because I know not everyone wants to read about this stuff, there are probably a couple of public, pregnancy-ish related posts forthcoming. There are things I need feedback from a wider range of people than a pregnancy filter might include.

I will try and cut them/tag them appropriately so that anyone who wants to scroll past them can.

We thank you for your support. And hope you enjoy today.


Feb. 6th, 2007 04:48 pm
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[ profile] cf_but_sane might be of interest to some people on my f'list. Thank [ profile] kageneko and pal(s) for it.

Also, amusing IRC conversation about Lisa Nowak, the astronaut charged with attempted murder (which is, of course, local news here, being 1. Astronaut country and 2. where it happened.)

[ profile] srakkt you know why the denied her bail?
[ profile] srakkt so she couldn't escape on the shuttle!
[ profile] srakkt *ba-dum-bum*
[ profile] geminigirl Hee.
[ profile] geminigirl It's local news here, it's finally replaced the tornadoes as the top story
[ profile] srakkt There's no extradition treaty with the Mooninites, you see.

(For those of you who usually follow my exploits on freenode, this was on EFNet.)
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I like Dystopia as a style. I like the menu on the side, I find the colors easier on my eyes than the obnoxious blues in the other two styles. Lately, however, my LJ seems to be defaulting away from Dystopia. (I know that I'm not the only one who this happens to, either, since I read about it in [ profile] lcohen's LJ too.) I know where to go to make it go back to Dystopia, and obviously I'm saving it as "Dystopia," so why is it still reverting to other styles, and is there something I'm not doing that I should be doing?

(I checked support and didn't see anything, so if I'm missing it, would you provide a link?)
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and it's a rather mild 61F/16 C. Quite pleasant. Holiday lights, however, still seem ridiculous to me, in this warm weather-two homes on our street are decked out. We haven't bothered with lights for the last two years because we travel at the end of the month. We might this year-don't know yet. A total blue and white Chanukah experince or something, since I have decorative Chanukah lights. And I still need to dress Jaques the Garden Moose for the holidays.

Still, it's that season, we've already gotten our first holiday card, and so, I put this out there for you. (Please please please, if you were on our card list last year, respond again-the list wasn't backed up anywhere, and [ profile] zedrikcayne had to reformat his computer. This year, the list will end up on my computer and be backed up elsewhere.)

Alternative ways to get me the info

-comments to this entry are screened, so you can post it there (if you do post a comment that isn't your address, since that happens, let me know if it's okay to unscreen it.)
-send me an e-mail to geminigirl livejournal, etc, you know the drill

[Poll #881929]

Core Dump

Oct. 12th, 2006 03:20 am
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I sort of missed National Coming Out Day. I'm queer. It's not very exciting. What's your secret?

I think I have PMS. Which, while it's irritating, is also making me very happy. Salty food cravings, chocolate cravings, serious modiness and extra sweatiness. I also think I ovulated this month. I seem to have had all the right symptoms, including a temperature spike, but I admit, I've been less consistent about taking my temperature in the morning than I have in previous cycles. Most of itis due to not sleeping well -when I don't get a three hour block of sleep, I can't get an accurate temperature, and sometimes, the three hour block involves getting up between five and six in the morning to pee, and that is completely off from when my usual temperature taking time is. Some of it is just not stressing over it. As much as I would like to jump right back in to trying to have a baby, restraint is a good thing here. Making sure the meds are working, figuring out how I feel on the meds, that's important. A few more weeks isn't unreasonable.

The meds-I feel good, I had fewer side effects adjusting than I expected, but I'm just not hungry a lot of the time, and it's hard to eat just to take the meds. It doesn't have to be a lot, but it does have to be the right combination of protein/carbs in order to not get sick, and in order to not wake up feeling like I'll faint. I made that error once, fortunately on a weekend when Cayne was here, but I made a food mistake, went and took a nap, and woke up feeling not right, and hollered for Cayne to bring me juice. After which I felt a lot better. It was a scary moment though to wake up disoriented and dizzy like that. I find it very hard to get four doses in a day, but I'm doing the best I can.

Cayne's CPAP arrived on Monday. He's spending a few more nights on the futon, to get settled with it. The first night he used it, I kept getting up to check on him. The silence is spooky after two years of snoring. The bed will also probably be very warm with another body in it, too.

I am questioning my involvement in something. I'm not sure it's healthy, and sometimes I find it downright energy sucking.

[ profile] aquariumgirl arrives Friday night for the weekend. This is very exciting. It's our first baby-free visit in two years. :) We'll spend some time at Disneyworld/Epcot (which is extra cool cause it's the Food and Wine festival) and hang out and enjoy our visit. It's likely to be the last baby free visit for quite a while, again. :) (Baby 2 is due in January, in case I haven't mentioned that.)

I'm being asked to participate in something I have strong objections to. I haven't decided how to respond. I haven't decided if the strength of my objections is magnified by the emotional impact PMS tends to have on me, or if they really are that strong, nor have I decided exactly how to respond.

I've had this non-productive cough that won't go away. It probably doesn't help that I'm not taking any asthma meds (and have felt fine up until recently.) It doesn't feel like bronchitis, but Cayne suggested that it might be. I may have to go get it checked out if it doesn't go away soon.

Stressing over money and car stuff. We've been putting off replacing Cayne's car, but it's coming closer and closer to time. Today we replaced the heater core, which cost us quite a bit-more than I'd have wanted to put into the car at this point. We're trying to put off car buying for at least six more months-a year would be better, because we'd be able to find a 2007 something, off a lease. Mom suggested perhaps talking to their car guy, Mike, who might be able to find us what we're looking for (ideally, a small station wagon type vehicle, if not, something larger than what we've got now) and/or cut us a deal on whatever we do buy. That would involve driving back from up there-potentially fun and with time to visit with friends along the way.

New cell phones are on the high priority list of things to do; Cingular is dropping analog coverage and going to all GSM, which means Cayne is having huge gaps in where he has signal. We'll drop Cingular and go all Verizon with a family plan of some sort before the end of this month-Verizon has a plan that covers us in Canada, and Cingular didn't when I last checked. When we get them, I'll pass along new contact info.

It's almost half past three. I should go to bed, in order to wake up and take my temperature soon. I just can't seem to shut my brain off.
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This is the meme that's going around in LJ circles lately...

"'Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?'- Ernest Gaines

We would like to know who really believes in gay rights* on LiveJournal. There is no bribe of a miracle or anything like that. If you truly believe in gay rights*, then repost this and title the post as "Gay Rights". If you don't believe in gay rights*, then just ignore this. Thanks. "

(Yes I posted it, mostly so I can write what follows with context for people who haven't seen it yet.)

I'm sure there's no question among readers of this journal what my feelings are on gay rights. I won't sit here and write about my feelings on guns.

I will say that I'd rather see two men holding hands than holding guns. I will say that whether or not someone chooses to post this says nothing about where that person stands on the issue of gay rights, civil rights or human rights in general. I will say that the "you're with us or against us" rhetoric is a lot like the language that came from the Bush administration about the "War on Terror" which many people have mentioned strong, negative feelings about.

In summary, if you are curious about I feel about an issue, ask. If I feel strongly about an issue, I might post about it. I might not. But I'm not likely to resort to memes to express my feelings.
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If you too, are unhappy about the addition of "sponsored communities" to livejournal, I thought this was a good suggestion to start with.


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