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An amusing Diesel Sweeties comic.

Coming soon, a brewing post about my marriage and my queer identity. My marriage, just so no one wonders, is fine. And perhaps some commentary on my last poll.

I've been knitting a bunch. I'm knitting squares, which I can eventually patch together into something. I got a large box of old acrylic, scrap yarn from my mother, and I have no idea what to do with it.

We did our taxes. We're trying to maintain the house in a state closer to "Company Clean" than it has traditionally been kept in. We got less rain today than we expected.

I've been enjoying the floral design courses I was taking. I'm trying to figure out what to do with my life.

And that is about all I have to say.
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Cayne moved back into the bedroom. It's interesting to sleep in the same bed again after so many months (really years, probably) of sleeping apart. It's nice, too, mostly. I'm a little warmer, with someone next to me, but it's nice too, for spontaneous kissing and stuff, which wasn't really possible when we were in separate beds. He still makes little gurgly snoring noises sometimes, while he's sleeping with the CPAP, and that's not always easy to sleep through. And it's really annoying when the he/the CPAP exhales really cold air onto my arm at night. But I'll live with that if it means I get to cuddle with him sometimes.

I feel like things are a blur of immigration and doctor's appointments lately. I spent a few days trying to get together the information to go to the Clerk of Courts in Clinton County to get the disposition of arrest certificate. Monday is a follow up with the urologist again. I need to reschedule my doctor's appointment for 4/10-they called me today to tell me Dr P won't be in the office that day.

We were at the art show on Sunday. Bought two photos, put a deposit on a third, and there's a fourth one I need to buy as soon as we have the money for it in the budget. I nearly had a heart attack today though, when I looked at the checking account, and discovered that there was a $300 hold on the check card from XM Radio. Cayne's XM subscription was about to expire, and I told him to switch the billing to quarterly for a while, because I didn't want to drop that amount of money all at once, even though in the long run we'll pay a little more. I'm just glad that December/January/February are over. Between my accounting error that made things tight, plus major expenses (car repair, registering both cars, and an immigration physical) things were far more squishy than I like. Plus, we paid off a bill in March (they claimed they had to replace the carpet in our old apartment, so I made an arrangement to pay their charge in installments) which puts a little money back into our budget.

I can't believe we're getting ready for this weekend already. Lots of plans, too-stuff to do at home, plus a "buy this stuff" party on Saturday morning and a munch on Saturday afternoon. This is our last weekend before Crunch too, which means I want to cram in as much Cayne time as possible, so I did a bunch of usual-weekend-chores yesterday, and I'll do some more tomorrow, I think. I also may go pick up two pairs of knitting needles in sizes I don't own, and some more row and stitch counters, and go to Pier 1 to pick up some other stuff.

Can't figure out what to do for Cayne's birthday. Some of his birthday gift arrived today, from Canada. Sadly, it was damaged in transit, so he'll get it when he gets home tonight.

I've had odd pain lately. Not odd so much that I haven't experienced it before, but odd in that "it's normal but I haven't had it in a while. My right shoulder, both wrists, and my left shoulder. Not sure that there's anything much to do about it, it is what it is. Probably worth a chiropractor visit soon if I can find one.

and since I chronicle health stuff here anyway )
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There are a tonne of reminder posts about voting on my f'list these days. I've read them all. I think [ profile] also_huey's post was particularly interesting. Huey (who is fabulous, by the way) also pointed me at this.

I'll vote. Probably late in the morning, but we'll see. I spent quite a bit of time checking out and deciding on the ballot amendments, especially on Vote Smart, Florida's website.

In other, less exciting news about life, we went to the local Ren Faire over the weekend and were very disappointed. We'll probably check out some of the other ones in the next few months. We'll skip Sarasota, because it's this weekend and next weekend...this is our only free weekend until December, and the following weekend is Pirate Festival. But, we'll check out Gainsville and probably Tampa. We're both looking forward to the Pirate Fair...a little bit of a change from Ren Faires.

We're going to be on Long Island (at Mom and Dad's) for Thanksgiving-we arrive Tuesday, and come back Monday. We haven't decided on any visitation plans yet, but we might try and do a whirlwind Jersey Tour on Saturday or Sunday if anyone wants to see us.

I need to shop for some clothes, and I need new shoes for Canada-my sister in law had serious admonishments over my choice of Doc Maartens in the snow last year. She complains they have no traction. I trust her, after the slipping and sliding I did, and am considering a different pair of shoes. I probably need new jeans too-it's hard to say when I don't wear them very often.

I think I cast on the same knitting project about fifteen times, and the casting on is fine, but I'm going nuts trying to count stitches and I can't find any stitch markers. I have some yarn I bought over the weekend that turns out to be too lightweight for the project I'd planned it for, so I'll exchange the three skeins I haven't wound for something bulkier, and pick up some more stitch markers. I'll keep the stuff I wound and toss it into the scrap yarn project-knitted patches done in a basketweave and a cable pattern (note to self, buy cable needle as well) and probably crocheted granny squares. Not necessarily turned into the same afghan, but we'll see, as I complete things.

I am a little bit looking forward to cool weather that we'll get in New York and in Canada. I enjoy the little bits of it that we get when we visit. I'm looking forward to more house -organizing, like acquiring bookshelves, and proper storage for craft things. And other stuff.

Eh, it's life. It keeps happening.
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When I was a kid, my Mom used to make these beautiful chocolate houses and other molded chocolates, around the winter holidays, to give as gifts. She hasn't in many years, but she did pass her molding supplies, and some of her knowledge on to me.

Last winter, I made an attempt at a chocolate house of my own.

My First Try )

The rest of them are available here.
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I threatened to knit Cayne a penis cozy after my knitting lesson tonight. But thanks to having so many knitters on my flist, when I went to buy needles last weekend for tonight's lesson, I chose bamboo. Ohmygoodnesshow nice. This week's assignment is to knit many rows. Next week, purling. After that, the world.
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I bought a basic bead book that came with some simple supplies...a good choice I thought, for someone who wants to just experiment and start out, see if I like it or not. I've yet to open it though...I'm looking for a good way to store the beads that came with the kit.
Any suggestions?


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