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We had [ profile] zedrikcayne's green card (permanent residency) interview on Monday. It was, at best, anti-climactic, and at worst, a complete and utter joke. I believe he uttered the phrase, "Well, we could have gotten through that if we were strangers."

Seriously. We'd spent the evening before, preparing everything, so that we had all our document organized and easily accessible. We had all sorts of organized paperwork, and everything prepped. We went and ran a couple of errands, had some lunch, stopped next to the Homeland Security office to make copies of a few things we'd forgotten to copy, and arrived, as our attorney had instructed, about 45 minutes before the interview. Went through metal detectors, and sat. For about two hours and a half hours, actually. Waited, waited, waited. Finally, we were called in for our interview. The woman looked at the file she had in front of her, confirmed information like our names, birth dates, whether this was our first marriage, social security numbers, names of our parents and so on. Pretty basic statistical information. She asked about any documentation we had of joint stuff-insurance, bank accounts, credit cards, and so on, and we added a few more photocopies of things that we had. We provided her with a copy of our 2006 taxes that we'd filed after the immigraiton petition, and corrected the statement about Cayne's arrest, and that was it. Then she stamped his passport with a temporary green card, confiscated his EAD, told him he could apply for citizenship in three years and sent us on our way.

And the green card process is over for now.
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I've been in a funk for a couple of weeks. I'm used to this happening in the winter, and letting it pass, but very much not used to it happening in early summer. I'd blame it on my impending birthday but it's been going on too long for me to blame that, and my birthday is only minimally bothersome this year.

Someone wished me a Happy Mother's Day recently, when I was in the grocery store, and it crushed me. I could blame that for my funk, but I think it started before then.

But there's all sorts of other things happening here )

Still for this evening, more homework, supper, bathroom cleaning, dishwasher emptying and I think that's all.
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I'm amazed at the cost of text books. I'm taking two business classes this summer, and I paid over $300 for two text books. Text books have always been expensive, but this just seems to be outrageous. Had I not decided so late to take summer classes, I could have probably purchased them for less, but that was not to be this term. Perhaps if I'm taking more classes in the fall it will be possible.

Then again, it also amazes me that a professor needs to include the following in his syllabus:

• Never end your sentence with a preposition like ‘to, from, by, with, between, before, after or during’. (e.g. The company could not have anticipated where the threat came from.)
• Always use italics for the name of a source (magazine, book or newspaper title) e.g. Wall St. Journal
• Know the difference between ‘there’ (indicating destination like “I’m not going there.”) and ‘their’ (indicating possession like “That is their problem.”)
• Always capitalize the first letter of proper names.

If that weren't enough irritation for one day, we may not get the H1B extention approved or the Advance Parole approved in time to reasonably plan to travel this summer. If we don't get it approved, we can still travel within the US, and perhaps we'll do so, but the summer travel plans were rather specific in timing to allow us to attend a wedding in Hamilton, as well as see my family. I realize that the immigration process itself is time consuming, but I'm frustrated that Advanced Parole takes three months or more to approve.

Homework and supper ahead. Cranky behind. I hope.
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We got the Notice of Action on our petition for immigration. :) Our interview appointment is June 18th...which, while I had tentatively planned to head up north at the end of June to see family and celebrate Dad's birthday and all that, but we can wait until after the appointment to leave. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly, we'll get his stamp right then and there, and be done with this, for a while. June 18th is six days after our second anniversary, which means we may even be able to skip the "conditional green card" part, and just get the permanent card.

Waiting for the attorney to e-mail me back about documents that have been filed, and that haven't been.

I'll be glad when it's done.
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Far less complicated than I thought, actually.

First, to the County Clerk in Clinton County who doesn't handle this information. Second to the Court Services Office for Superior Court of Clinton County who didn't have a record of the arrest. Third to the Village of Champlain Courts, and discovered that the phone number was disconnected, and fourth to the Town of Champlain Courts and found that they did in fact have a record of his arrest and the disposition of that arrest.

They want $5 and a letter with his full name and date of birth, and they'll send me two copies (one for me, and one that I'll send to the attorney.)

Interestingly, I've also discovered that you can find my spouse on IMDB and on Wikipedia. He's made me promise, however, not to make him a full fledged Wikipedia Page.
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We got four envelopes from USCIS today, and one from DHS.

Four envelopes, each with a separate NOA (Notice of Action) and one from DHS containing the information about going for a biometrics appointment.

So I spoke to the paralegal who handles most of our paperwork for immigration. And in this conversation, the amusing-ish story of how [ profile] zedrikcayne got arrested because of paperwork snafus. Which led to the realization that when he goes for his biometrics appointment, and they take his fingerprints and run a background check, they'll probably flag his file if this arrest appears. He's not exactly sure where it happened, or what kind of judge he appeared before either.

I'm going to start Monday by calling the clerk of the county where he thinks it happened.


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