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The post wedding update...

Now that I've filled out my first paperwork with my new name, and we've gotten our official marriage certificate back from the county clerk, I figure, you all need to read the wedding review.

You can read Cayne's review here and FJ!!'s review here.

Mine follows...

Saturday, the non-rehersal )

Sunday early )

The Slurpee Part )

the ceremony )

the party )

I seriously don't remember much, it flew by. I tried. And it was over quickly. But what I do remember was wonderful.

All the wedding music can be found here.
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These are non-professional photos taken by my sister and her boyfriend before and during the ceremony.

Wedding photos )
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I promise something insightful or at least coherent after tomorrow...

Meanwhile, my Mom is after me to go to bed, I'm supposed to be looking for a case for a pair of glasses, and you should all ask [ profile] fj what he said to me on the phone tonight.

As promised, I'm leaving a pre-wedding post for anyone who takes photos to link to, with pre-approval from me and from Cayne to post photos of us. If you took photos, please link them, since I won't get any photos for a couple of weeks.

Thanks for reading and supporting and listening to me. I hope you stick around for the next part of the journey.
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Picked up proofs from our engagement photos while I was at the photographer's today. Wow did they come out well. Once Cayne's seen the, I'll try to post some, so long as the scanner works well.

More running around, more things to do.

[ profile] wait rocks my world.

Enough of the fighting upstairs already. It's non-stop. I've so totally had enough. Mom keeps trying to convince me (and my sister) that it's better than it used to be, but it's not. Maybe at one point it was, but as I said to Mom then, "We don't live here anymore. Maybe on a day to day basis, regularly, it's not bad anymore, but when we come home, it's all we hear. And so it sounds like nothing has changed to us."

Ugh. I wish I could get away from it somewhere, but there isn't anywhere to go.
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when you're about to get married?

We're not having a formal rehersal, so there's an open-houseish sort of thing planned at my Mom's for members of the bridal party, and a few other family members etc. on Saturday afternoon/evening. And since everyone's at the house, and my bedroom is essentially the way I left it when I moved away after grad school, my room has gotten a pretty thorough cleaning.

Among the things I've found is a pile of old writings by Josh Saitz, who edits Negative Capabilities...I suppose I could track him down and see if he wants any of it. Or I could keep it. I think I'll e-mail him. I have at least one video tape that he'd probably like to have.

And photographs...lots of photographs. Old photos of me, [ profile] aynjel, [ profile] points, Peetah (who doesn't have an LJ as far as I know) [ profile] dieppe and [ profile] lenniersd (neither one of whom read my journal, but I know that people on my flist know them, and if you could kindly point them at this post, I'd appreciate it.) And other photos from college, of me and Megan (aka Blink)-who I would love to track down, and if anyone reading this has her current e-mail please let me know. I tried to e-mail her before I went to San Francisco, but the mail bounced.

And even more photos...of me and [ profile] siva_dc and Ava, and [ profile] cappyhead and [ profile] shirleym...and and and.

And what do I do with all this stuff? It was amazing the memories it brought back...the feelings that rose up.

I'm incredibly glad that I'm not pining over ex-boyfriends. I looked through the photos and realized how much I've grown and that I really like the person I've grown into. I'm grateful for the memories and experiences preserved in those photos. I'm glad that I've still got some of the same wonderful people in my life who are in those photos, and sad that some of them drifted away.

I like where I'm at. It's not necessarily where I envisioned myself at thirty, but I like where I'm at and where I'm going.

And perhaps if I can get access to a scanner, and permission from people other than me who appear in some of these photos, I'll scan and post them. It might be fun.
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I could do without the frequent shouting between Mom and Dad.

Things are falling into place. A lot of paying vendors tomorrow. Still to do, place cards and programs.

Had two complete duh moments when I turned on the stove and it didn't make the popping noise that gas stoves do...and I wondered what was wrong with it. (Mom's stove isn't and has never been gas.) And another when I tried to dial the phone-Mom and Dad don't have to dial ten digits when they're calling within their area code, only seven, and I forgot that.

Really want this to be over.
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It's less than a week to the wedding. I headed out for Mom's last night, leaving Cayne and the kitties home to fend for themselves. It's been a lot of errands and cleaning. We're having everyone here on Saturday evening, since we're not having a formal rehersal, we're having an open house here. I've got to go rent a couple of extra chairs, order some more food, clean, and stuff.

It's strange to be away from Cayne for this long.

There's so much left to do. Not much time to do it. I'd like this week over already-it's hard to wait.

Back to the seating chart. Really...
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I'm so overwhelmed at the moment that I'm not even sure I could write everything in my head down.

That said, I was thinking...I'm sure there are people who will be at the wedding who will take photos, and who will have the opportunity to post them before either Cayne or I do. So we're pre-emptively giving permission for those photos to be public. And, what I'm thinking is that I'll make a post closer to the wedding that basically says "If you post wedding photos on the web or on LJ, please put a link to them in the comments here so that other people who weren't at the wedding can see."

Sound like a plan?
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I'm having a pre-wedding moment. I feel like I should be more stressed about stuff, but I'm not. Still, I picked up my veil and headpiece today and while they're both beautiful, I hate them. I hate putting them on, just like I hate my dress. Or more precisely I hate wearing my dress. None of it feels like me.

This would all make a great deal more sense if I were, say, having issues or second thoughts about getting married, but well, I'm not. I'm all for getting married, and with the move coming and whatnot, in fact, with the move coming so quickly, I almost suggested that we go and get someone to do the legal bit last weekend.

It's not about that particular dress...I just don't think any wedding dress would be any better. I want to feel like myself on the wedding day.

Maybe this is my pre-wedding jitters?
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My older (half)sister hasn't yet responded to the wedding invitation.

Cayne's older sister just called us and told us she was refused entry into the US, and therefore can't come to the wedding.
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I do write about things other than my dying cat, although that's high on my mind at the moment.

I've had two fantastic bridal showers, one hosted by Mom and my sister, and another hosted by the fabulous [ profile] aquariumgirl and my dear friend Rachel. Amusingly, the shower at [ profile] aquariumgirl's home also included a rather detailed discussion and demonstration of cloth diapering. Which not everyone would find amusing, but well, I do. And nearly everyone there was lj-enabled. There wasn't enough time to see everyone I wanted to, but there never is. Plus loads of babytime. The morning of the shower, while there were things to do to get ready, when I offered to help, I was handed the baby and told to go sit on the swing with her. And so I did. She's a sweetie, and really good natured and easy going for a six month old. It did kick my baby desire into high gear, but well, that's a project for some time after the wedding.

The wedding planning is winding down, and that's a good thing. "Rehersal" dinner invites are going out in the morning-we're not having a rehersal, but we will have the bridal party etc over to my parents' the day before. This week is confirming with vendors, and stuff, and bridal party gifts and a few other things.

We saw Revenge of the Sith. I liked it. There were bits that disappointed me, but overall, I liked it. I can't stand Hayden Christensen, and didn't like him anymore in this movie, but well, no more Darth Whiner. And, Cayne is fabulous because he called me at about eight, on Wednesday night to find out if I wanted to go to the movie that night. I sang the Ewok song while we were in line, and he rolled his eyes at me.

There is of course the big giant thing that I'm not allowed to talk about yet...which has taken up a lot of my brain lately. It has nothing to do with having a baby, so don't even think it. But maybe later this summer I'll be able to talk about this thing. It frustrates me, because this is where I'd like to sort it out, and process, but well, I can't. Yet. Soon.

Have you hugged your wookie today?

I'll go pet Miss Oblivion soon, and she'll probably fall asleep on my butt. And give her her medicine, which makes me feel guilty.
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My sister, who was supposed to host my shower this weekend is ill and in the hospital and may not be out in time. She has declared that we shouldn't cancel/postpone it. Unfortunately, everything for the shower is in her apartment, and my Mom has no idea how or what to do for it. Mom has asked me to come up with some things to do for the shower, which I did. If you've got thoughts/ideas/suggestions/things you've done at showers that you've enjoyed, will you share them?

Up To Date

May. 5th, 2005 11:35 pm
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My sister is in the hospital, but is recovering. I'm not my sister's biggest fan (in case you didn't already guess that part) but I'm glad she's doing better. It's some kind of bacterial infection or gastrointestinal parasite. They haven't gotten test results back, but they've been treating her with IV fluids, antibiotics and stuff. She should be out Saturday.

We now have a marriage license. We are now legally permitted to get married any time within the next 60 days. Our rabbi says he's fine with signing the civil marriage license. Cayne and I probably ought to play around with some ceremony ideas. We've also finalized (I think) our ketubah, which if you want to see it, I'll post again.

Two doctors appointments, two mild cases of bronchitis (one for each of us) and one ear infection (mine,) two antibiotic prescriptions, one new inhaler. Cayne and I are both sick. And guess what...conflicting information from the doctor and the pharmacist about whether the antibiotic does or doesn't interfere with oral contraceptives. I generally assume it does, because well, better safe than sorry, but I don't like the fact that since I've started asking, I've never once gotten consistent information.

I'm apparently quoted in a new book about bisexuality, Bi American, (thank [ profile] puzzld1 for the heads up.) The quote that [ profile] puzzld1 mentioned is about AIDS, but there may be others. I have no idea what I said, so I think I have to buy the book just to find out what I said.

It's time for fruit, drugs and bed, I think. We're both wheezy and coughing.
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Cayne and I are filing for our marriage license this afternoon...we're heading to the County Clerk in Rockland County to do it.

Suddenly, as I gathered the necessary paperwork, like my birth certificate, I'm overcome by uncertainty about what to do about my name. I thought we had resolved this months ago...I'd keep my first, middle and last names, but add his name as my legal last name, and he'd take my last name as a second middle name. We hyphenate awkwardly, or we'd both do that (though we still might decide to.) I'd continue to use my current name professionally, but his name legally/socially.

A long time ago, while collecting information and opinions about name changing after marriage, I asked Cayne if it were up to him, what I'd do. He replied that if it were his choice, I'd share his last name.

There's this gripping fear in the pit of my stomach about what I give up by changing my name-I wish I could see what I might gain.

I don't know that a new name would change the essence of me, but it's just strange to think of that label not being mine anymore.
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We've eaten more cream cheese this week than we have since moving in together. Cream cheese on matzo is the yum.

My sister hates her bridesmaid's dress...but she didn't tell me that. She told Mom. She picked it, she had a year to try it on, check it out, and so on...she didn't until the last which point she didn't have time to choose another dress. Not my problem. I let her choose the color. Though I did say to Mom that she hates it, and she says it looks terrible because it's not short enough, tight enough or skin-baring enough.

Next major wedding project is wedding rings...I'm trying to figure out what I actually want. We've agreed yellow gold, and plain.
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One would think...

that before ordering the invitations for the wedding, there would be a pretty solid idea of how many are needed.

Unless you're my Mom, and you tell me to order 150 invitations, only to discover that the guest list is closer to 175. I'll call the invite place tomorrow and order another 25 and pay an arm and a leg for them...immediate family will get theirs a bit later than everyone else.

At least my dress came in...a month early. Mom won't make it to my first fitting with me, so I need to see if someone around here can make it to Paramus for it. I'll probably ask LJ-less Patty to go.
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Cayne just called me. He's incredibly drunk, and sounds wonderfully happy. And he keeps calling to tell me he loves me and that he wishes I were there with him, and how we're going to have to go to Ottawa together.

People keep telling him he's hot, too.

I'm sitting here, filled with happiness for him. Even if I miss him not being around.


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