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It's been a while since we had a silly LJ poll here. But I'm very curious after watching [ profile] zedrikcayne get dressed this morning. Here's the story:

I was sitting on the bed, and he was threading his belt into his pants. He threaded it before he put his pants on, then put his pants on, realized he'd threaded his belt backwards and pulled it out to re-thread it. I asked him about he threaded it backwards when he always puts the buckle on the same side as the button. He pointed out that he'd never thought about it that way, which led to a conversation about whether or not people were aware of these things, and whether or not people were consistent with them, and whatnot. So, I present you with today's silly LJ poll. It's better than most of my recent content.

[Poll #1044545]
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My doctor's office had a new patient history form today. One of the questions on the form was asking how many sexual partners you had in the last year. This was not a difficult question for me to answer. Another asked for the total number of lifetime sexual partners. I couldn't answer this question...I have no idea; I've never really counted. I'm wondering if that's a typical thing or am I just odd. And so, as usual, when I have a question, a poll.

[Poll #965547]
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[Poll #945178]

and frustration regarding fertility treatment )

The cat knocked over the lamp last night. I don't know how he did it, and nothing broke, though somehow the shade came off. (I don't know where the finnial is.) What's even more baffling, is that Cayne slept through it. The lamp was on his side of the bed. I woke up when I heard the crash though.

Can't kick this headache. Yesterday it felt like a sinus headache, today it feels more like a migraine, but without some of the other migraine stuff (light sensitivity, for example.) A bit bummed cause a friend had to cancel his work-trip to Orlando, so I won't get to see him for dinner this week.

Cayne is (and by extention, so am I) stressing a bit over the timeline of immigration stuff. We know we can claim back time that was spent in Canada-I have reciepts from the last two trips we took, which gives us about four weeks of time, but it's much harder, I suppose, to document the time that we spent when we drove up there. Though since we tend to use credit cards when we're there, rather than cash, perhaps that's sufficient documentation. We spent about ten days at the end of 2004, and about a week in August 2004. I'm sure there was other time that Cayne was there that he could claim back.

Must go find copies of labwork before endocrinologist appointment on Wednesday. Please hope she looks at my symptoms and numbers and says "let's try something" and not "sorry we can't help you." I would really like to try and treat the seemingly-sluggish thyroid, finally. I've only been asking for years.

Read it?

Feb. 19th, 2007 05:47 pm
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This morning, we went for Cayne's second semen analysis. I know some people have asked about it, and Cayne has consented to my writing about it. It was, admittedly, both humiliating and amusing all at once. So, since a great deal of stuff in my life seems to end up on LJ, and since some people have been asking about it, I offer a poll.

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(This poll may appear twice on your f'list if you read both this journal and [ profile] melebeth's journal. You can answer once, though. We'll post anonymously post anything that gets filled into the "what did you learn from movies" later.)

[Poll #909573]

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What was the first book you remember looking for "the good parts" where the good parts were something "dirty" or titillating, or prurient?

If you like, what do you remember about it? How old were you?

I was in grade six, and it was Anne Frank-The Diary of a Young Girl. I believe there were some passages about menstruation which were the first things one of the girls in my class who had already read the book showed us.


Aug. 10th, 2006 12:57 pm
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(Please do feel free to link to this post by the way)

If you're filling out this poll, please assume that it's purchases for personal or household use, not for business.

[Poll #789963]

If you share the purchasing decisions with housemates or partners, how do you decide which way to go when you disagree on which value is more important?
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A post of substance is probably coming later, but for now, a poll...

Please check the statement you believe to be true. It doesn't matter if you think the Green Lantern is the coolest superhero ever, I just want to know who is cooler, Aquaman or Superman.

[Poll #735528]
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While watching the coverage of the Olympics (particularly skiing,) an oft repeated phrase in our house this week has been...

"The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat."

So, we're both wondering who else remembers it, since neither of us has heard it for years.

[Poll #675498]
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(Please note that I'm using "well woman" in a general sense, as in "anyone who gets routine care for their reproductive system and genitalia, regardless of gender identity, usual disclaimers apply, etc.)
ETA: I messed up this note the first time, so please ignore it the second time you see it.

[Poll #650781]

If you're getting routine care from a midwife, could you tell me about the relationship your midwife has with an OB?


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