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Part of the way SPD has manifested for Naomi is that she hates water on her face. That, combined with the proprioceptive challenges she has (also related to SPD,) has made some things, like washing her hair, very difficult. And she loves having long hair, too, so it makes washing carefully even more essential.

One of our recent, small victories at home since starting therapy is that she's been able to take a partial shower. What that means is that she is now able to stand up, lean back and wash her hair-it means less water on her face from the washing, which she loves. She doesn't want to wash the rest of her body that way (and that's fine with me,) but washing her hair standing up with her eyes closed and her head tipped back is a huge change.

She still hates getting her face wet. And she's six. And we're in a place where she's constantly surrounded by swimming pools and water, and it's beyond time to get her in the water and water safe, especially since she's now at an age where she goes places without me. So we talked about swimming lessons again, and I said that Miss Angela (our OT) can probably help us with some skills to learn how to deal with that. And we talked about how her body feels when she gets her face wet, or when she hears the blender, and she talked about her body "Louding" at her...which I think means "yelling." I explained that we can ask Miss Angela to help us find ways to make that yelling calm down, and even sometimes, make it stop. She loved this in my calendar for next week is to chat with Miss Anglea about the things that we want to do-expand her diet, become comfortable in the water, things like that. What's mindblowing is how we've seen other changes so quickly-handwriting is greatly improved, emotional regulation has grown, things like that. We'd always been able to compensate, but I'm finding that I feel calmer and more relaxed when I'm doing less managing symptoms and a lot more just enjoying things.
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After years of going in circles over Naomi's behavior with multiple doctors...super resetricted diet, sensory seeking behavior, attention issues, extreme reactions to small stimuli, et, leading me to suspect Sensory Processing Disorder, and her soft joints, I finally convinced her orthopedist to refer her to occupational therapy-not for any of that, but because her handwriting was atrocious, even for a kindergartener, and her stamina was really poor, too. The soft joints led to obvious fine motor issues, and so he had no hesitation writing that referral.

Mostly unsurprisingly, the therapist noticed Naomi's sensory issues, and though she can't officially diagnois the SPD, is treating Naomi for it-in essence her treatment plan includes both the fine motor skills and "poor sensory integration." There's a lot of talking in circles about whether it's worth actually going to the other doctor to get the official diagnosis, or not. It doesn't change anything, so right now it seems mostly meaningless. If we need the official, on paper stuff, then we'll do it.

But...feeding Col. Naomi has decided that she has a monster, whose name is Col. He has a boyfriend named Batha, and a girlfriend named Ashley. And the three of them eat her sillies and wiggles-she describes it as "my whole body is laughing at me, even my teeth, and I can't make it stop." Sometimes bringing her back into focus takes a few push ups or sit ups or jumping jacks (she told me this a few months ago when I asked how I could help her get ready to focus...even before we'd seen the OT.) Sometimes she likes to have a firm massage on her arms-basically, firm pressure, downward from her upper arms towards her wrists. She calls this "feeding Col." When Col gets hungry, she gets sillies and wiggles, and out of control. Today was just a rough day all around-Andy forgot to set his alarm, so we all woke up an hour late, just about the time people are supposed to leave the house, Naomi fell at the playground and scraped her knee, and I could tell, she was just "off." And after some squabbling with Miriam, I asked her if she thought she was being kind or nice? She knew right away that she wasn't, and I asked her what would help her remember. She asked me to help her feed Col, and we did feed him. And things improved after that.

I'm fortunate to have such an insightful kid-one who is so self aware and knows what she needs to get back to okay. She's still working on catching herself before she starts chewing inappropriately, but she's getting there. She is mindblowingly tuned in to her own needs and her own limits though, and it really makes it pleasant to spend time with her.
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This morning Naomi emptied my purse again. I don't know how she got it, I think she climbed up to get it actually, and when I cleaned up, I told her that if she did it again there would be a consequence. She looked at me and said, "why?"

Later on she was dragging a box that was really too heavy for her. She brought it towards me and as she was doing this, she got very frustrated and said, "Oh, come on," quite loudly, in the same tone of voice I use when I'm exasperated. I laughed. And I was momentarily glad I'm not one who swears regularly or around the kids.
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No new pictures yet-still need to upload them and some video from our trip.

We did have check up yesterday...

29 inches, 18 lbs 13 oz. She hasn't quite fallen off the growth charts yet, but she's way down near the bottom. No worries...she's consistent, but small.

She's very close to running, is putting things in other things, uses a cup well, drinks from a straw, uses signs and words, has begun climbing into things like the laundry basket (but not up the shelves or onto the couch,) likes chasing the cats and swimming. She's starting to use a fork and spoon by herself (she's pretty consistent if it's pre-loaded by an adult, but we're trying to encourage her to do some of it on her own...when eating mashed potatoes, for example.) She's started to enjoy putting things in other things-for example, putting blocks in a plastic container and shaking it to see what noise it makes, or putting things into a metal tin. Her nesting blocks have become more fun-yesterday she was putting them together and taking them apart and then dropping her crackers into the block and taking them out. She also loves child-sized chairs and sitting in them. I need to find her some nice chairs for the house. I'm also thinking when we move bedrooms around, I might look for a child sized chair and table for her room, or the "playroom."

As I'm typing this, she's taken her bowl of pretzels, dumped it out onto the table, put all he pretzels back into the bowl, shaken it to see what noise it made, then dumped them all on the floor.

More pictures and maybe video when I get things uploaded. I kind of hope we've got video or pictures of Naomi with the baby goats we visited when we were in New York.
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I have a metric buttload of photos from late October until now that I haven't sorted and posted. Here's one of my should probably be made into an LJ icon if anyone is good at that sort of thing...

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Naomi eats her first pickle-taken Halloween 2008.

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Let me tell you internet...having a baby who can sit up is a wonderful thing.

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Oct. 5th, 2008 12:36 am
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I'm still getting over the nasty bug that caused sinus/ear infection and pinkeye. I took a nap this afternoon and Naomi's Daddy took her to the park. Here's something they did.

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If I had to sum up today...

I had to clean up dead baby lizard.
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My Day
Naomi's Mommy

Today I woke up too early because there was a shrieking baby who wasn't unhappy, but just likes to shriek.
Later on, I fed the baby and she took a short nap in my lap. I also changed some diapers. I fed the baby and she took another nap, in my lap. Then she ate some more and we tried to play but she needed to whine intermittently for several hours while she fought sleep. Finally she ate again and took a very long nap in my lap. After that, I tried to change another diaper, but while she was on the changing table she looked at me and giggled and proceeded to pee everywhere. Then, while trying to hold her and mop up the pee at the same time, she pulled her legs up to her chest and decided to fart on me. After that, she ate a little more and we tried to play but she was still whiny.

Finally, her Papa came home and now he can hold the baby.

I really, really needed the adult company of playgroup this afternoon, but she slept until it was half over, and by the time I got her dressed, and the diaper bag together, and got there it would have been over.
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I'm Naomi and I think my toes are the tastiest thing ever....


Sep. 11th, 2008 02:35 pm
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I am spending this September 11th thinking of my Dad and so very grateful that he's still here and that he survived the collapse of the Towers.

But this year, it's different. I'm thinking about how to explain it to my daughter. About what the day means, and about what happened.

I'm also left wondering just a bit, about my Dad...his experience changed him so much. And I wonder if that's part of what softened him, and has made him say things like, "I may not have been such a great father, but I'm hoping I can do better as a grandfather."

I'm just going to remember how lucky I am, and she is to have her grandfather around.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 11:50 am
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Seven out of the last eight days, we've had some kind of nap starting between about 11 and 11:30. The one day she didn't nap was the day Cayne took her to run an errand.

I'm grateful for the nap...she needs the sleep and all that, but right now, the nap takes place on my lap. She wakes up if I try to move her.

If this becomes a regular naptime, I'll probably be able to put her down, I hope. It would be a real challenge otherwise.
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My super-easy baby is not happy. Something has been bothering her for the last few days and she's become cranky and fussy and unhappy and unpleasant. I am sad because I don't know what is bothering her (my best guess is teeth or ears, but as she's not had a cold recently, running a fever, pulling on her ears, or anything like that, I don't think it's ears.) I wish I could fix whatever it is...but I can't.

Right now, her father took her out for a ride in the car to see if that helps. Oddly, she was quiet almost as soon as he put her into the car seat, before they got into the car.

two bad pictures I took with the camera phone )
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About two weeks ago, we went to see some friends of ours who have a baby just a few weeks older than Naomi-I think he's about two weeks older than she is. We took this picture of the two babies next to each other.

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It's pouring, again. And windy.

And the weather radio keeps waking the baby. This time it was a flash flood warning. There's not much in the way of elevation here, but we happen to be up a little bit of a hill...which doesn't mean the roads around us won't flood.

I want to cry right now.
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Four month stats...

22 and a half inches, 11 lbs 5.5 oz. She's slowed down a little on the growth curve and is closer to the tenth percentile, but Dr. Rich isn't worried, so I'm not. She's hitting milestones, so it's all okay. She's got a tiny spot of eczema behind her ears so we can use a little Aquaphor or cortizone on it if it bothers her and watch her a bit more carefully for food allergies when we do introduce solids, which we should wait until six months to do unless she suddenly increases her intake of milk, at which point we're to call Pat and discuss introducing solids.

There is of course the little matter of sleep, or lack thereof. Naomi is going through a sleep issue, mostly just not wanting to. And it's normal at this point, but as [ profile] rockstarbob said last night..."Normal doesn't equal easy." Most of her sleep these days is in the swing, and if that's what works, that's what works and we should stick with it for the moment, or so we've been advised. Pat (the LC at the pediatrician's office) said to us that the ones that don't sleep are the ones at the top of their class...they're too busy taking everything in to sleep. I have trouble on my hands, it seems.

After that, I went to get a gift for Teigan's christening, so we spent some time at the mall, most of it in the bookstore, waiting for the engraving to be finished. Naomi got a stack of new books, I got a few things for myself, and a book whose intended recipient is debatable-both [ profile] zedrikcayne and I are probably interested in it. I do feel terribly guilty about Naomi's books though...she has plenty of books, and will undoubtedly have more, but I read classics, and lots of Russian literature in translation, because that was a good part of the collection in the house. Thing is, my collection isn't quite so high quality...Mom was an English major who also studied Russian literature, and so that's what was there. My collection isn't quite so high quality, though I suppose in the long run it's more important to encourage her to read rather than worry about reading great literature. If she reads for pleasure, she'll read the classics eventually.
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After the battle of Nap, which finally culminated in nap winning, even if nap won in my lap, the cat decided to climb onto the kitchen counter where he isn't allowed. And if I got up and moved the cat, I'd wake the napping baby. So I left the cat alone, misbehaving (and he knew it, too) and decided nap was more important. Until the cat decided to attack my plant, at which point the idea of cleaning potting soil off the beige chair won. So we tried Nap in the swing instead and it didn't work very well.


And the advice part-

Does anyone know what the appropriate kind of gift to give for a Christening is? We have one on 8/24.
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A year ago today I found out I was pregnant. Funny in a sense that I'd finish the last of the post-partum appointments today (today was the pulmonologist, rescheduled twice from June.)

It's been a roller coaster year. My pregnancy was largely uneventful, fortunately, and my labor, long but also, without excitement (and I will post her birth story eventually. It's done, I just need to decide I'm ready for sharing.) And now, I'm Naomi's more label that I can wear along with all of the others I've been given or adopted along the way. I just want to hug her and have only good things happen...which is of course, not the case. We have our share of frustrating moments, she and I, but so do most mothers and daughters at some point in their lives together.

There's some kind of amazing love that defies explanation. It's changed me, and I don't know what to say.


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