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(alternate title "Someone had to pay the bill for the Death Star")

Man dressed in Darth Vader Costume robs bank-amusing because it's in my hometown. I had to look to see if it was the branch near where my parents live or one on the other side of town.

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Science answers the question "Why don't pregnant women tip over?"

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I just want to know who speced this design out? Both [ profile] zedrikcayne and I can think of some modifications we'd like to see. He thinks women should come with levitation and telekinesis.

Oh, and in other amusing sister's response to yesterday's video "Fortunately, unlike your Canadian baby daddy, i received mine long ago with several boosters along the way." My sister and I may not always get along...we're very different people in many ways, but it's e-mails like that that make me appreciate how much she means to me.
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[ profile] alibee posted this-an article about a married couple, husband and wife who don't live together, and who, as I understand from the article, never have.

I can't imagine that working for my relationship with [ profile] zedrikcayne. It's not compatible with our relationship and how we function as a couple. I'm wondering what others think about this-would you call this "marriage" or would you call it something else? Would you be able to make the kind of committment that your perception of marriage includes and live like this, or would it not work for you?

Then there was this post in [ profile] parenting101. I've been involved in similar discussions elsewhere, too. It's about what to call a child's genitals. As we approach parenthood even more, this is something we've talked about; in my house, (mostly) proper names were used (I say "mostly" because my vulva and entire genital region were referred to as "vagina" but it's close enough, I think.) It doesn't make sense to me to not teach children proper names for body parts.

There's also this story I saw linked in [ profile] catling's journal about Pat Robertson calling for a ban on pet adoptions by same sex couples. Yes. You read it correctly. And I was glad I didn't have a beverage when I read it. This is from "The Pace Press"-the student newspaper of Pace University (which is a legitimate university.)

Anyway, here's the article for your perusal, in case the link vanishes or you have trouble getting it to )

For the sake of marital harmony, I must partly retract my complaint about chocolate from the other night. He stopped on the way home (even though he was working late) and brought me chocolate. And, as I picked through the giant bag of candy he did bring home, I discovered individually wrapped Lemonheads which are one of my favorite candies.

And last, for now...there was a post on a forum I frequent about sex for baby making, and how, when you're actively trying to conceive, sometimes it needs a bit more excitement. I wanted to share what I wrote, because, well, I'm in love. What can I say?

no graphic details about our sex life follow, but, for courtesy's sake, I cut it )

I've got another post brewing that comes from a conversation with my sister in law, but I need to more completely finish it before I post it.
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First of all, I hope all the Canadians I know are enjoying the holiday today. We had a small dinner yesterday-the two of us, [ profile] tronochick and our friends Scott and Erica. Cayne bought a turkey that was much larger than we needed (four people ate turkey-I'm still off of most foods) but I ate stuffing for supper and salad.

[ profile] tronochick made up a pan of candied sweet potatoes, topped with marshmallows, and at one point, Scott and Cayne decided to take over the kitchen, and sent the three of us to go sit down at the dining room table. The two of them popped the sweet potatoes into the oven, and went on their merry way. Suddenly, from my seat at the table, I saw flames in the oven. The marshmallow topped potatoes had been placed too close to the element and were on fire. No damage, just smoke everywhere and charred marshmallows.

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Had an OB visit last week, and all is fine on the inside it seems (though I'm cranky because I have heartburn, a sore back from not being able to get comfortable in bed and terrible metal mouth taste going on.) I'm sitting here reading the occasional wedding planning community post though, and wondering how in the world April could be six months away.

And I present for you, the best headline I saw last week... Mr. Potato Head in ecstasy bust

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And because I saved two other interesting articles, here they are for your perusal...

I think this one came from [ profile] indigoeye

Something in the Way She Moves?
an interesting article about 'concealed ovulation', movement and perception of the signals that are sent. And exotic dancers. )

And finally, this one from my sister in law. Dove ad delves into the ugly side of beauty

the original has a video that's worth watching, but it'll probably go away, so for posterity, you know )

Okay, I'm going to enjoy sitting on my couch in sweats and my Socks the Cat t-shirt until my dear spouse arrives home with some dinner. Which will hopefully not make me want to barf. :)
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To be entirely puerile for a moment... and no, I'm not making it up. (In fact, the headline made me laugh hard enough that I couldn't talk to [ profile] zedrikcayne for a few minutes while I tried to calm down.)

Captain America Arrested With Burrito In Pants -

More about Captain America and His Pants )
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An earthquake Here!

A 6.0 centered in the Gulf of Mexico, which we felt here in our living room.

And, thanks to [ profile] mactavish, I knew that I could report it here.

We felt the shaking, looked at each other and said "Nah, it can't be an earthquake." I went to the USGS website to see if it was, and Cayne went to the front window to see if there was anything like a truck that might have made the rumble. The first time I checked, the USGS website didn't have it up yet, but when I refreshed shortly after, it was there, and we filled out the form.

What I said to Cayne is that the earthquakes I've felt feel more like side to side shaking whereas trucks or trains feel like up and down shaking.
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Also known as "life in Florida"

I'm not one to freak out over bugs, but the roaches here...the people eating roaches just gross me out.

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Dolphin needs a prosthetic tail. I think that's way cool, and might check out the donation information. The phone number is in the article.

In other news, I came home from today's doctor's appointment with a diagnosis of PCOS and a prescription for Metformin. Which is exactly what I wanted, sort of. It's good to have an answer, and it's been evident for years that PCOS was the probable cause, but there's the process of getting used to taking the medication, and the side effects, and learning how to deal with taking meds four times a day. (I know there are other ways to take it, but for now, this is what the doctor wants me to do.) The upside, however is that the doctor said "Go off the pill. It's not suppressing your cyst much if you've had two ruptures in the last couple of months. You'll probably drop weight faster if you're off the pill, and have better response to the Metformin. If you get pregnant before I see you again in January, that's fine...I'd like it if you would wait til March, but if it happens before then, it's okay. You can use any other contraceptive method you want..condoms, rhythm method. You need to keep good track of your cycles, you may want to use an OPK [ovulation predictor kit] and if you start trying in March, and you don't have success in a few cycles, or you're not ovulating, we'll talk about adding other things like Clomid."

So, what this means is that we're going to decide if and when we're ready to try again for a baby. And there's a lot of stuff to deal with there. And it also means I'm likely to create a PCOS filter, so as not to bore most of you who aren't interested in what's going on with my ovaries.

It also means that I've been told that I will probably feel very sick for at least a month as I go on the new medication, and ramp the dose up to the level that the doctor wants me at.
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I do like being a redhead. When I was a kid, I didn't appreciate it. But as I got older, I learned to love it. And perhaps this story has something to do with why.

(And for the link can click the cut tag )


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