Sep. 30th, 2008 03:02 pm
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We had a bunch of people over last night for Rosh Hashanah. One of my friends has a 12 year old son, who accompanied her for dinner. Cayne and I are fond of him, and he often hangs out with us when we go out.

At one point during dinner the conversation strayed in a direction that led to the 12 year old reciting some poems by Shel Silverstein. I mentioned that he'd been a contributor to Playboy. Mom reacted with surprise. Child looked at us and said "What's Playboy?"

The conversation paused for a moment, and Mom asked Cayne if he had one around. When he said no, she suggested that the men at the table try to explain what it is. (I think there's a Penthouse letters and a Hustler or two in the house, but those aren't quite on the same level as Playboy.) So Cayne and our friend Scott are trying to explain what it is, and I looked at the kid and said "It's a magazine with pictures of naked women in it." Now I realize that's not all that's in Playboy, but that's pretty much what people think of when they think of it.

Poor kid looked really weirded out. He asked why people would want that and what was the point? He looked kind of terrified. We tried to explain what the rest of the magazine included-the articles and lifestyle stuff. We tried to explain what the phrase "bachelor pad" meant. The child was adamant that he'd never have Playboy in the house. I leaned over to Mom and suggested that the child's older brother (who is 21) should purchase one for him. It was just adorable. The 12 year old is an incredibly bright child who is much slower in the social development than academic. Scott joked about getting him a subscription for Christmas. He said "If you did, I'd burn them." Mom said "No you wouldn't. You would hide them under your mattress-that's what your father did, and what [brother] did."

In a few years, he'll look back on that night and think about what he missed. For now, the adults who were there will get a smile out of it.
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The discussion was about smoking and breastfeeding....

"She said that where she lives, smokers are the dredges[sic] of society, which I don't read as having anything to do with whether one is a mom or not. I read that as referring to criminals and performance artists and such."

Criminals and performance artists, eh?
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I hope that all who are celebrating something at this time of year enjoy their celebrations and that your 2008 is filled with good and joyful things.
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This very brief, but very serious video has been making its way around my f'list for the last day or so. I encourage my friends to watch it very carefully and heed the message.

The Very Special Message )

And thanks to [ profile] melebeth, [ profile] scherzoid and [ profile] beaq who all posted the video already.
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Note: Naked woman on the cover a magazine at the first link.

Beth Ditto on the cover of NME (I think it's the current issue of NME, but I haven't gotten NME regularly in a while.) It's getting a mixed response, with some people horrified that there's a naked fat woman with hairy armpits on the cover a magazine, and others talking about how empowering it is to see her there. And there's a variety of responses to what she said about gay men and celebrities being to blame for the body image/self hatred issues as well.

Also, interesting blog post on feminist messages and abstinence only education. Or rather, the anti-feminist/anti-empowered woman messages that exist in such programs.

And, in contrast, and for your amusement...abstinence only sites courtesy of 1

Sex is for Fags-an abstinence only site for boys.
Iron Hymen an abstienence only site for girls.

1. is a humor site/spoof site, not a real site.
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[14:06] [ profile] melebeth: Blah. Boys! Blah. Biology! Do you know what we both need?
[14:06] [ profile] geminigirl: What?
[14:06] [ profile] melebeth: Really efficient parthenogenesis.
[14:06] [ profile] geminigirl: Yes.
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To be entirely puerile for a moment... and no, I'm not making it up. (In fact, the headline made me laugh hard enough that I couldn't talk to [ profile] zedrikcayne for a few minutes while I tried to calm down.)

Captain America Arrested With Burrito In Pants -

More about Captain America and His Pants )
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I got a bill for our portion of the semen analysis today.

The bill was for $69.
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(Bob/Jen, I'd like to post this in VP, let me know if you want me to post it in the V-Day discussion post, or if I should just make a separate post about it.)

Hoohaa Monologues???

We decided we would just use child slang for it. That's how we decided on Hoohah Monologues, )


Feb. 6th, 2007 04:48 pm
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[ profile] cf_but_sane might be of interest to some people on my f'list. Thank [ profile] kageneko and pal(s) for it.

Also, amusing IRC conversation about Lisa Nowak, the astronaut charged with attempted murder (which is, of course, local news here, being 1. Astronaut country and 2. where it happened.)

[ profile] srakkt you know why the denied her bail?
[ profile] srakkt so she couldn't escape on the shuttle!
[ profile] srakkt *ba-dum-bum*
[ profile] geminigirl Hee.
[ profile] geminigirl It's local news here, it's finally replaced the tornadoes as the top story
[ profile] srakkt There's no extradition treaty with the Mooninites, you see.

(For those of you who usually follow my exploits on freenode, this was on EFNet.)
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[ profile] melebeth shared this link with me when we were chatting.

It's adult content, minimal graphic, but it does discuss in detail, penises.
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[ profile] therealocelot shared this with me on IRC earlier.

The video includes full frontal male nudity, so is probably not safe for most workplaces, but the song is very catchy. No, I didn't check to see whether or not they were circumcised.

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which included making out on a bus with Richard Gere, and having him tell me that he had HIV and it would be okay if I didn't want to sleep with him.

He was a good kisser in my dream though.

I do not know where Richard Gere came from. I haven't seen a movie with him in it in a very long time. But, eventually, the bus dropped us off at the place where we were going.

The rest of the dream involved something that comes up periodically in my dreams-being in a building (usually a gymnasium) and wandering through the building to get to the pool, knowing where it is, but having a great deal of difficulty getting there, getting repeatedly lost. Usually something weird happens in a locker room in this part of the dream-this time, someone was living in the locker room and hiding in a locker. It also involved a strange staircase, where in order to go down the stairs, you had to leap over a trap door. There were other things, too. In trying to find the pool I walked in and out of an office, several times, and discovered that I'd left my purse on the bus, at some point I also lost my gym bag. There were was a preschool classroom where children were playing, and there was an open house, and a classroom that I instinctively knew was a university classroom, where students were watching a movie, and one glared at me while I walked past. This part of the dream also generally includes going down stairs to a dead end at least once, and today was no exception.

So that's your peek inside my brain. I'd blame it on the migraine meds but I haven't taken them...Category C for pregnancy, and why take a chance while we're trying?
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Mary Cheney, Pregnant

AP article behind the cut )

Very little attention has been paid to the fact that Dick Cheney's other daughter is also pregnant. Why? Because Mary Cheney is gay? Is that really a good reason to make a big deal out of it? More important, as far as I'm concerned, is that Mary Cheney and her partner of fifteen years live in a state where that partner will not be permitted any legal rights to the child that she helps raise. Suppose, fifteen years from now, a tragic accident takes the life of Mary Cheney (should have known better than to go hunting with Dad or something)-then what?

Assorted thing number 2: I didn't believe it when Conan O'Brien mentioned it on his show, but they made it happen. (Reasonably work safe, by the way. Unless your work doesn't like furry manatees)

Assorted thing number 3:
"Avenue Jew"-a piece performed by the casts of the musicals Avenue Q and Fiddler on the Roof, spoofing both. [ profile] melebeth was kind enough to provide a link to the script, too.

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"A lot of people, when they talk about gay culture they have this idea that we all live in this sort of a big pink house, and that we share the same political and social and sexual views which is clearly not the case. I've sat at dinner tables with right wing homosexuals, and to me that's like being a vegeterian butcher."


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