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It's pouring, again. And windy.

And the weather radio keeps waking the baby. This time it was a flash flood warning. There's not much in the way of elevation here, but we happen to be up a little bit of a hill...which doesn't mean the roads around us won't flood.

I want to cry right now.
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One of the things that is worrying me about the storm (Hurricane or Tropical Storm Fay) hitting here is that I have all kinds of wonderful donated breast milk in the freezer and I don't want it to melt.

We've got stuff outside tied down, we've got the usual supplies and batteries, and we bought some disposable diapers last night so that if we've got no power, she'll still have a clean tushie.

They're expecting tropical storm force winds, rain, possible tornadoes, etc. where I live. If I disappear for a few days, it's cause we've got no power.
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And I appreciate that they are.

We're fine. We didn't sustain any storm damage that I know of (no ones been on the roof yet.) The tornados were southwest of us, and northeast of us, and while it was kind of scary (we really should have been in the closet) it's okay. I finally went to bed around 6 this morning, when the storms had passed. To tell the truth, I began to worry when Beta Cat climbed under the china cabinet and hid out. All three of the cats were being a bit weird, but going under the cabinet was unusually weird.

Considering, however, the lack of tornado sirens around here, I was hoping that someone ([ profile] hoopycat or [ profile] quasigeostrophy maybe) would have weather radio suggestions, or at least be able to guide me into what to look for/brands to buy.

All that matters is that we're okay. And than you for asking.
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What partner's shouldn't do:

Call you up from the new house and say "The water is off at the new house."
And wait for your reaction before they explain to you that the painters turned it off because they were painting behind the fridge and there was something wierd with the hoses, and that they'll turn it back on shortly.

He says it looks really good though.

The movers have postponed our move to Thursday, and who doesn't appreciate an extra day to pack?

Meanwhile, we're just waiting to see what happens during the storm.

(I need to make/find/steal a "rain" icon and a "hurricane" icon.)
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The movers called to see if we wanted to go tomorrow instead of Wednesday, because of the weather. We're not going to be ready to go tomorrow.

And they issued an inland tropical storm watch or warning (not sure which) for us earlier today. They're moving the Space Shuttle off the launch platform, I think, and predicting three to five inches of rain around here.

Now, I'm not one to go crazy over this. But does it have to happen when I'm in the middle of moving?

(And if my head is any kind of barometer, and it usually is, we're in for a storm.)
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We really do not need a hurricane this week, while we're trying to move.
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I would love to live in a place where simply stepping outside my door didn't result in becoming sweat soaked, without evaporation, for half the year.

We've been here a year, and I'm uncomfortable driving in the afternoon downpours. Yesterday, I was on the highway and couldn't even see the brake lights of the car in front of me. I don't like that.

It's baby lizard season. I see them all over the place. they're kind of cute, and for some reason, the baby lizards remind me of dinosaurs far more than the adults. A few weeks ago it was baby frogs or toads (I can't get close enough to identify which ones they are. The skin appears dry, but I can't get close enough to see the feet or eyes to differentiate.) I do like what our friend Nick has had to say about the bugs down here..."You can't expect to defeat the bugs down here, you just have to learn to coexist peacefully with them, and try to keep them at bay." This is a good attitude, I'm just not sure I like it. We stopped at the house the other night to check on something and there's no food in my house, and a giant, people eating roach crawled right across the stove. I'll set some roach and ant traps, and probably add some of the roach gel-I just need to be careful with the cats. I suspect also, based on the state of the house (not dirty, exactly, but less than clean) there may be a good bit of grease behind the stove. I think we'll probably pull it out and give a good cleaning back there before we move in, or upon moving in.

Speaking of moving, we're down to about ten days. I want to go check on how much of the work is done, and confirm with the movers. Also need to set up landline and cable at the new house, and find a non-explotative housecleaning service, to clean this place when we're done here, and to clean the new house before we move in. And becaues every weekend seems to be filled with moving related stuff-the cable company is supposed to come tomorrow to add wiring to the rooms that we need it in that don't have it, and Pier 1 is having a sale on a few of the things we're looking for, so we'll probably buy the table and chairs we liked-on sale, plus I've got a coupon. Today we stopped at the mirror store to look at frames for mirrors.

I am however, looking forward even more to going to the August Stomp at Lakeridge Winery. It's pretty much what it sounds like; envision the whole grape stomping thing on "I Love Lucy." And I think we need to try it.

But now, one more LJ post and then I should start supper.
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We've had rumbling thunder and lightning and rain for about an hour, or so. We also got an e-mail from the mortgage guy that said "You'll hear from us within an hour with the amounts for the checks."

In fact, the storm is serious enough that it's made the smoke alarm chirp, and scared the cats.


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