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We've been watching the Olympics for the last ten days or so, and we watched last night's men's beach volleyball gold medal match. We also watched the women's match the other night.

Upon the conclusion of the match, the two men who won embraced and celebrated.

[ profile] zedrikcayne's comment on last night's win? "That's not nearly as hot as when the women won."

I just want to know why the women play in bikinis and the men in tank tops and shorts.
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Mary Cheney, Pregnant

AP article behind the cut )

Very little attention has been paid to the fact that Dick Cheney's other daughter is also pregnant. Why? Because Mary Cheney is gay? Is that really a good reason to make a big deal out of it? More important, as far as I'm concerned, is that Mary Cheney and her partner of fifteen years live in a state where that partner will not be permitted any legal rights to the child that she helps raise. Suppose, fifteen years from now, a tragic accident takes the life of Mary Cheney (should have known better than to go hunting with Dad or something)-then what?

Assorted thing number 2: I didn't believe it when Conan O'Brien mentioned it on his show, but they made it happen. (Reasonably work safe, by the way. Unless your work doesn't like furry manatees)

Assorted thing number 3:
"Avenue Jew"-a piece performed by the casts of the musicals Avenue Q and Fiddler on the Roof, spoofing both. [ profile] melebeth was kind enough to provide a link to the script, too.


Aug. 20th, 2006 01:59 am
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I have had stabbing pains in both ovaries today, and lots of uterine cramps. My period is beyond the crampy stage, so I think it's something totally unrelated to that. Feh. I'll mention it to the doctor when I'm there soon.

And oh wow, I can tell that Cayne was drinking tonight. He's snoring extra loud.

So, cool people, thumbs up or thumbs down on Pants of Dance Off? It's a post Full House, post meth, Jodie Swetin.

We shopped today. A lot. At Pier One. We bought a table, and chairs, and rugs, and stuff. And it will look nice. Slipcovers are probably the next project.

All I want right now is for it to be late enough that I can take strong drugs and go to bed. (Can't take the prescription stuff with alcohol, so I'm waiting a little longer so that I can take serious meds and go to bed. Need lots of energy for grape stomping tomorrow.

News Bites

Aug. 1st, 2006 02:48 pm
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Remember former Florida Secretary of State? She's a frequent news item here, because she's running for Senate against incumbent Bill Nelson. And apparently, even the rest of the Republicans don't think she's a good candidate.

Talk about Karma...A waitress asks to see ID before serving a patron a drink, only to be handed her own stolen license.

And, today is the 25th anniversary of MTV's debut. There are a few top N lists floating around. Here's one from the Detroit Free Press and a different one from the AP. Have an interesting opinion piece, for good measure, too.

VH1 Classic is re-running the programming from the first day. I do wish they would bring back Remote Control though. And is anyone else watching VH1's World Series of Pop Culture?
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Picoreview of Alton Brown's Feasting on Asphalt-good summer filler. It's interesting. I do wish they'd captioned the bits where he's talking and on the bike at the same time...I'm having a hard time hearing and understanding him.

Brain Trust Reqest #1:

I'm looking for help with a UPS or two. We seem to have more frequent power outages at the new house, and I'm looking for one UPS that I can plug the desktop computer/modem/router into, which will live in the office, and a second that will probably live in the family room, and which the laptops will get plugged into. I know effectively nothing about them, so I need help.

Brain Trust Request #2 (which I'm sure [ profile] aquariumgirl will have some answers for)

I'm looking for information about fish-keeping. We're thinking about a fish tank. Freshwater, 20-30 gallons. I'm looking for information about building a healthy, relatively low maintenance system for hearty tropical fish-variety still TBD.

Brain Trust Request #3 If anyone has a better fix for the firefox bug that causes the apostrophe key to bring up the search box than the one I'm using now (which involves opening a tab, going to about:config, and changing the value for accessibility.typeandfind.flashbar) please let me know.

Brain Trust Request #4 is about toasters. I love my toaster oven, but in the interest of preserving limited counter space, I'm thinking about replacing it with an under the cabinet model in the new house. I know there have been issues in the past with fire, but does anyone know anything about current models?
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Cayne's company provides $100 as a credit to use towards a gaming system of the employee's choice during the first year of employment. We had an XBox in the house. We bought a PSP a while ago, and had been discussing for many months whether to use the credit towards a Nintendo DS, an XBox 360 or a PS2 (not a PS3 because it won't be on the shelves before the first year is up.)

We were bored tonight, it's too soon to start packing. We were in the mood for a game of some sort, and tossed the idea of going to the arcade around...there's a place a short drive away where you can play all you want for about $5 a person, and there's a second level where you can pay to play. Then we decided it was already half past seven, by the time we ate, showered, dressed, and got there we wouldn't have enough time to play as much as we wanted to, so we'd go another weekend.

So instead, we decided to see if the Best Buy around the corner had a PS2 and Katamari Damacy in stock. And came home with this crazy, crazy game.

I finally understand what people were talking about.
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I was watching NBC News's montage of graduation speakers, and one of the speakers they showed was Lance Armstrong. And the music playing, behind his speech? Sheryl Crow's "Everyday is a Winding Road"-I wonder if that was deliberate, or unconscious. Oops.
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In an e-mail to [ profile] melebeth the other night, I commented about the three sets of twins thing, and the spinoff posibilities...that I'd actually like to see what happens with Annie, for example and the home for teen moms. And admittedly, the ending was awkward and abrupt.

It looks like we might actually get one more season


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