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Amusing Ebay Auction relating to the Transformers movie. Totally work safe. Read the FAQ.

In an effort to get a certain [ profile] zedrikcayne to exercise more, since he won't go to the gym alone even though it's right across the street from his office, and hates the treadmill, we've invested in two Red Octane dance pads and a DDR Game. I've never really played DDR before, though it's a lot of fun, and I can see why he prefers this to other sorts of cardio. So, we've been playing DDR, and he enjoys it because he can beat me at it, though I seem to focus on simply doing better at each song than I've done before, rather than doing better than he does. But, and perhaps those of you who've played more DDR than I have could help me figure out what my problem is. I do poorly some of the time because I keep feeling like I need to bring my feet back to the center all the time, and not stand on the arrow from the previous movement. Other than practice (which I'm getting plenty of) does anyone have a suggestion as to how to break that habit?

This week has been a less than stellar ones for reasons not necessary to detail here in a public post. This weekend's plans include a late dinner out at Melting Pot, the new Harry Potter book and possibly an ice cream social at the synagogue we're thinking about joining. I'd like to find somewhere decent to get a pedicure but I'm not sure where to go. Classes end shortly, and I need to decide if/what I'm going to take in the fall semester. Same as it ever was.
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I'm working on a case study regarding termination of employment for off duty behavior, and I'm reading a little about Toussaint v Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan as background (which has to do with at will employment, and implied covenants.)

What I'm not clear about at this point, is how binding codes of conduct are regarding off duty behavior.

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I've been in a funk for a couple of weeks. I'm used to this happening in the winter, and letting it pass, but very much not used to it happening in early summer. I'd blame it on my impending birthday but it's been going on too long for me to blame that, and my birthday is only minimally bothersome this year.

Someone wished me a Happy Mother's Day recently, when I was in the grocery store, and it crushed me. I could blame that for my funk, but I think it started before then.

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Still for this evening, more homework, supper, bathroom cleaning, dishwasher emptying and I think that's all.
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I'm amazed at the cost of text books. I'm taking two business classes this summer, and I paid over $300 for two text books. Text books have always been expensive, but this just seems to be outrageous. Had I not decided so late to take summer classes, I could have probably purchased them for less, but that was not to be this term. Perhaps if I'm taking more classes in the fall it will be possible.

Then again, it also amazes me that a professor needs to include the following in his syllabus:

• Never end your sentence with a preposition like ‘to, from, by, with, between, before, after or during’. (e.g. The company could not have anticipated where the threat came from.)
• Always use italics for the name of a source (magazine, book or newspaper title) e.g. Wall St. Journal
• Know the difference between ‘there’ (indicating destination like “I’m not going there.”) and ‘their’ (indicating possession like “That is their problem.”)
• Always capitalize the first letter of proper names.

If that weren't enough irritation for one day, we may not get the H1B extention approved or the Advance Parole approved in time to reasonably plan to travel this summer. If we don't get it approved, we can still travel within the US, and perhaps we'll do so, but the summer travel plans were rather specific in timing to allow us to attend a wedding in Hamilton, as well as see my family. I realize that the immigration process itself is time consuming, but I'm frustrated that Advanced Parole takes three months or more to approve.

Homework and supper ahead. Cranky behind. I hope.


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